Ludwig, the Chairman

When it comes to music, only one Ludwig comes to mind: Ludwig Van Beethoven, the great German composer and pianist, one of the most famous and influential composers of all time. But when it comes to one of the documentaries Gadi Leshem produced, there’s only one Ludwig to remember: Ludwig Van Esser, the Chairman of the Board.

And he is a Daschund.

You read right. There is a Daschund that is the Chairman of the Board. His name: Ludwig Van Esser. His qualification for being Chairman of the Board: “he’s funny.”

You’ll get to know him if you watch Gadi Leshem’s documentary “Esser Vineyards – The Chairman”. One of the many proofs that dogs are indeed man’s best friend, this film is about the lovely dog that “runs” the Esser Vineyards, a family-owned vineyard in Napa Valley. You’ll see the Daschund in his singing glory in this Leshem-produced musical—err, documentary rather. And you’ll see why he is much loved by the Esser family that they named him as the Chairman of the Board.

Most of the documentaries produced by Gadi Leshem may focus on serious stuff that dwells more on motivational and training aspect, but this one’s a refreshing take on one of his corporate imaging DVDs. Only shows that the producer/businessman as well as his staff also have a sense of humor.


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