“It’s Cool to be a Cop!”

Who knew the benefits and honor of being a cop can be explained in a short song (and a rap song) for that matter? With just a few elements and very little time, Gadi Leshem was able to produce a documentary film that successfully highlights the importance of police officers and the esteem that comes with this not-so-easy job.

Being a great visionary, Gadi Leshem, along with his staff, effectively relayed a substantial message in this film—all through just a song. It’s just like watching a music video of a rapper, although the real stars here are the Ogden City cops who do a good job in trying to maintain a peaceful community.

Creative, resourceful, inspirational—these are just some of the words to best describe the film. What Gadi Leshem has produced here is a visionary wonder. The film is just like a short commercial break, but it leaves you with an important and powerful message that makes you see the cop profession in a different light. With just a combination of Ogden City cop pictures and videos and shots of the rapper, this film effectively invites aspiring young men and women who may have not previously considered a career in law enforcement to join the police force. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you end up applying to be a cop at the Ogden City Police after watching this too! After all, it is cool to be a cop.


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