“It’s Cool to be a Cop!”

Who knew the benefits and honor of being a cop can be explained in a short song (and a rap song) for that matter? With just a few elements and very little time, Gadi Leshem was able to produce a documentary film that successfully highlights the importance of police officers and the esteem that comes … Continue reading

Gadi Leshem: A Documentary Film Producer

Are you fond of watching movies? When you search the web do you type the latest film in the search box? Did you know that a regular film is so much different from a documentary film?  If you answered Yes to all these three questions you must be a certified film expert. The movie industry … Continue reading

Ludwig, the Chairman

When it comes to music, only one Ludwig comes to mind: Ludwig Van Beethoven, the great German composer and pianist, one of the most famous and influential composers of all time. But when it comes to one of the documentaries Gadi Leshem produced, there’s only one Ludwig to remember: Ludwig Van Esser, the Chairman of … Continue reading

The Man behind the Films

Gadi Leshem. Everybody knows him as a businessman, but not everyone knows that he’s also the man behind short documentary films such as Four Weeks in May, T.E.A.M.W.O.R.K. and more. Yes, besides dabbling in various kinds of businesses, Gadi Leshem also played a part in a number of documentary films by Bizazz Media. His role: … Continue reading